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3.5.2014 Frost Launches Unity2HTML5 KickStarter Campaign

We are excited to launch our new Kickstarter Campaign to raise awareness of our efforts and get Unity2HTML5 into the hands of developers!

Kickstarter Campaign

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3.4.2014 Heading to GDC 2014

We will indeed be at GDC this year to talk about all of solutions and meet publishers and developers. Please contact us directly at chris(at) and we will do the best we can to give you a one-on-one time slot on the calendar and several chances to see us speak at a number of events at GDC.

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2.11.2014 Frost.IO Selects Fourth Monkey Media to Join Its Exclusive Unity2HTML5 Early Beta Program

Vancouver BC, Canada - February 11th, 2014

With the launch of Frost Technology's highly popular Unity2HTML5 Developer Partner Program, Frost announces the addition of Fourth Monkey Media to the roster of development partners who get early access to the highly sought after Unity2HTML5 GDK beta.

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1.15.2014 Workflow Video from Unity to HTML5

As a followup to our last post, here is a video showing the Unity2HTML5 workflow from the Unity editor to web browser.

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1.14.2014 Casino Slots Game

We are currently far enough into development of our Unity2HTML5 Toolkit that we can proudly boast about having used it to successfully to build a HTML5 web game from a simple casino-slots style Unity project with spinning animations, touch input and full C# scripting support.

Luscious Fruit

Want a demo? Contact us.

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Introduction Video Product Feature Sheet

Create HTML5 web browser-based games from within the awesome Unity environment.

The Unity game development environment and game engine has been enabling millions of game developers the ability to create rich games for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. With the Frost Unity-To-HTML5 Toolkit, they can now build games that are playable across all modern web browsers, both mobile and desktop. By embracing open standards, instant deploy your games to the world's largest platform: the web browser.

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Introduction Video Product Feature Sheet

An advanced real-time multiplayer SDK for Unity.

The FrostNet Server is a lean server optimized for realtime gaming with compact messaging protocols, fast serialization, multi-threaded architecture, with fine control over priority and reliability. Available in both On-Premises Server and Cloud Server. Client SDKs are available for Unity, .NET/Mono and HTML5 to enable true cross-platform play.

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We believe that the best way to get gamers into your games is to leverage the most advanced web technology available for mobile, tablet and desktop. This enables us to share live game content to the curious and provide a simple way for them to participate in the fun, within the context of an interactive secondary gaming experience and finally convert them into fully active gamers.


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